Pages & Pages Declares Kindle Amnesty


Amazon has over 65% of the eBook market in Australia and over 75% of eReaders owned in Australia are Kindles. But most Australian readers don’t know that The Kindle locks them into buying from Amazon only. Amazon limits readers’ choices and walls them into their garden. But you don’t have to be.

Pages & Pages Booksellers, one of Sydney’s leading independent bookshops, also sells eBooks and eReaders. We also:

  • support local schools
  • pay taxes in Australia
  • employ local people
  • give MosmanVillage character
  • respect readers privacy

None of which Amazon does.

You can read eBooks purchased from Pages & Pages on any tablet or smart phone as well as all other non-Kindle eReaders like the Sony eReader or Kobo device. Pages & Pages also sells the BeBook Touch, which is just like a Kindle except you can choose where you buy your eBooks. Come in for a demonstration. Pages & Pages are also happy to set up any device for eReading. Unlike Amazon Pages & Pages can give face-to-face customer service and advice. There is also a bin in store for old Kindles.

Don’t read in a walled garden. Choose the freedom of choice. On the 3rd Saturday of every month Pages & Pages will be declaring a Kindle Amnesty. Purchase a BeBook Touch on that day and trade a Kindle in at the same time and Pages & Pages will give you a $50  Gift Voucher.

Kindle has become the default term for an eReader but most readers don’t understand that it is an Amazon product and there are other, better, reading devices on the market.

Pages & Pages is no longer sitting passively by while Amazon steals our customers and steals their reading choices. Through this campaign we want people to understand what Amazon is doing and make an informed choice to have choice.

The eBook is not a threat to physical bookshops. This new format presents bookshops and readers with many wonderful opportunities to sell and read more books. What does threaten bookshops is a company who engages in uncompetitive behaviour, pays no tax in Australia and misleads readers with restrictive devices and fake book reviews.

Media enquiries please contact:

Jon Page
General Manager, Pages & Pages Booksellers, Mosman NSW
President, Australian Booksellers Association
Phone: 02 9969 9736 Mobile: 0422 883 529 Email:                  

The BeBook Touch

  • $179.95
  • Wifi enabled
  • eInk Screen
  • 4GB memory
  • 184 grams
  • Battery lasts 8000 page turns

The BeBook Touch is a sleek designed Ereader for a perfect digital reading experience. The crystal clear E Ink Pearl display causes no eye strain, offers you excellent readability and hours of reading pleasure. The BeBook Touch is a lightweight, only 186g, and extremely thin Ereader (9mm) which makes it perfect for reading in the sun, when you are on the road or when you are relaxing at home.

All popular file formats are supported. Of course the BeBook Touch supports the PDF and ePub format, both with and without Adobe DRM (copy protection). But there’s more: take your own documents on the road with a broad range of file formats: .txt, .HTML, and .fb2, mobipocket (non DRM). Almost any file format containing text can be used on the BeBook Touch. Besides all the technical features, the BeBook Touch has a very distinguished, lightweight and slim design.

26 thoughts on “Pages & Pages Declares Kindle Amnesty

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  6. Jon,

    I want to hand in my Kindle, I really do, but what happens to all the books I’ve purchased and loved? I have 93! (I’m a new ebook reader)


    • Unfortunately Amazon won’t let you transfer them to a non-Kindle device. They won’t be lost forever though as they are kept in Amazon’s cloud and you can access them from a Kindle App on a PC, Mac, tablet or smart phone.

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