Ian McEwan’s SOLAR

I have just finished reading Ian McEwan’s new novel and my verdict is…beige. I had big expectations for this novel (which can often be a bad thing as my reading can become too judgemental) and they weren’t met. In the hands of any other writer I don’t think I would have finished the book but McEwan’s skill was not what was lacking from this book. What ultimately weakens this novel is the main character, Michael Beard. It is always challenging when confronted by a main character who is un-likeable because the main character of the book is in essence a travel companion and if I had to share a taxi or plane ride with Michael Beard I would shoot myself on the spot. My big expectations placed on the book were primarily focused on the climate change plot which sadly is not only back seated but put in the boot of the car. The science that Beard deals in could be anything as it is inconsequential to the overall plot. And as a satire or comedy (that the publishers is pitching the book as) it is neither witty or funny. This is not a bad novel by any means but neither is it a good one.



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