Charlie Huston’s SLEEPLESS

Addictive, thought provoking and one hell of a ride, Sleepless, effortlessly crosses genres weaving science fiction, crime, video games, philosophy and genetics into a novel destined to become a classic. Set in a not-to-distant future the world is gripped by a virus that causes those infected with it to stop sleeping. The repercussions of this plague are far-reaching. A pharmaceutical company claims to have the cure but demand outstrips supply and a black market quickly emerges further disrupting a now volatile society. LA cop, Park Haas, must go undercover to try and find the source of the black market trade. Meanwhile his wife hasn’t slept for weeks nor has their newborn baby. I love when my favourite writers blow me away!

Tell me what you think of the covers. The UK/Australian is on the left and the US cover is on the right. Personally the UK cover gives me a headache and I think it is very uncommercial.

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