Jessica Watson at The Orpheum

Hundreds of people braved the rain and the fog last night to come and see Jessica Watson talk about her new book TRUE SPIRIT. It was a full house at The Hayden Orpheum and it was great to see so many kids come along to the event. The evening began with a 10 minute film documenting Jessica’s amazing journey around the world. Jessica then came onto stage to thunderous applause.

She began by giving the audience a slide show presentation not just of her journey in Ella’s Pink Lady but also her journey from when she first got the idea (after reading Jesse Martin’s LIONHEART at age 11) all the way through to the day she sailed back through Sydney Heads. Jessica was so confident and comfortable speaking it made you forget she had only just turned 17 (she hasn’t got her driver’s license yet!).

It was such an inspirational evening.  Jessica reiterated that she didn’t think she was a hero, just an ordinary girl. And she also inspired the room by saying “girls can do anything”.   Jessica’s spirit was truly infectious. Make sure you grab a copy!

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