7 thoughts on “TERRITORY WARS: eBooks, print books, DRM & Metadata

  1. It is exactly this kind of thing which encourages piracy. If one cannot get the ebook one would like to have in the normal way then the answer is to get it through a pirate website – its so obvious that the publishers must be stupid not to see that.
    Ken Vernon

  2. What a lot of “crap”, this is censorship in another form. We can’t read an Ebook, but we can go & borrow it at a library for free!
    Oh my God, what a “Nanny State” we live in.

  3. Yes, I agree. Things need to change. I am a French-speaking expat from Canada. I can order physical books in my first language from Amazon US, Canad or France but I am all ebooks! I cannot see the issue if I pay for the rights to download the books. Realy, this whole issue of territorial rights does not make sense in the era of global village.

  4. This is the biggest load of crap I’ve seen for a long time. I’ve bought 4 ebooks that are part of a 6 book series, but cannot get the last (and best) 2 of the series due to territory restrictions making them unavailable in Australia! For crying out loud, as long as you are getting them from a legitimate site, and paying for them, who cares where you live!!!!!!!!! Some publishing organisations just need to grow up. The only things achieved by this kind of thing is reader/customer anger and the people responsible for territory restrictions achieving recognition for being incredibly dumb on a world wide stage!

    1. Totally agree. Just read a book, published in August this year. Was a 700 page hardback so looked to see if eBook available. Was readily available in the US but impossible to buy in Australia (unless I used a US account). If no one is optioning the rights then you should be allowed to buy from elsewhere

  5. Hey, eBooks are already more restricted than printed books. You cant sell eBooks at a book exchange, you cant swap them, you cant lend them to a friend to read without lending them your needed device at the same time and now we cant even purchase some titles due to territorial restrictions. How can this protect against piracy??? Are certain territory considered more dangerous than others for criminal activity? Why cant piracy occur in the “permitted” territories? Prices are cheap enough so there is no temptation for piracy there but when you cant purchase an author that you would really like to read then maybe some might be prepared to go beyond legal boundaries to get their hands on a copy. This is just so DAMNED ANNOYING.

  6. I agree with all the posters here. I am more than willing to pay the price for e-books – I am never going back to space hogging hard to move physical books. But publishers will force me to break the law if the books I want are not available to me.

    I live in Canada. Barry Hugharts books (which are out of print) are available to the US and not to Canada. In this instance, I simply create an alter-ego account using my (paid for) US postal address, and buy the book as an “American resident”. But why? Why the hell should I go through this crap?

    Apple and most others have discovered that you CAN sell DRM free music, and people would rather pay than go through illegal channels. Why make honest people do illegal things in order to stop the few cheaters who a) will always cheat, and b) would never have “read” the book if they had to pay for it anyway.

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