This is exactly the kind of book I love. Set in southern Mississippi, on the surface this appears to be a typical crime novel but it is much more than that. Rather than the story being driven by a mystery this book is all about its characters and the secrets they keep and the tragic consequences of not standing up to the truth.

Larry and Silas were always two unlikely friends; one white, the other black in Southern Mississippi. Their friendship barely lasted a summer during high school. A seemingly unstoppable chain of events saw Silas leave town and Larry’s name, life and family ruined by accusations he committed an unspeakable crime that was never solved.

25 years later Larry has lived his life ostracized from everyone and Silas has returned as the local police constable. But the two never talk. When a teenage girl goes missing everyone assumes Larry has committed the same unproved crime again. When he is shot in his home everyone believes justice has finally been dealt out. Silas thinks there is more going on and driven by guilt over their brief friendship he is determined to get the real story.

The atmosphere is electric and the way the point of view of the novel shifts between Larry and Silas is equally compelling, affecting and intriguing. As the hidden truths slowly emerge the story hurtles toward an intense and gripping finale.

See my video review here

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