I haven’t reviewed a TV Show before and technically this is a book blog but I feel compelled to write about this brilliant TV show. I’m pretty sure I would have blogged about THE WIRE or MAD MEN if I had started my blog when those shows first started and while TERRIERS is not necessarily in the same league it was a bloody good show (yes was but I’ll get to that later) and good writing is good writing whether it’s a book, a play, a TV show or a movie.

TERRIERS is a crime drama set in Ocean Beach in San Diego and is about two unlicensed private investigators: Hank Dollworth, an ex-cop and ex-alcoholic, and Britt Pollack, an ex-thief. The San Diego setting gives the show a bit of a Don Winslow vibe as does the character of Hank Dollworth. The theme song gives it a 70s flavour despite its modern-day setting and each episode is tightly written, action packed and fun. It is also full of humour and could easily fit in a buddy comedy category. Hank and Britt are not high achievers but they also know what is right and wrong. Like the title suggests once they sink their teeth into something they don’t let go. The overall arc of the show is a dodgy property development but Hank and Britt manage to find trouble anywhere they look, both as PIs and in their personal lives. Each episode was distinctive, there was no formula, and each character was building a developing throughout the first season but….

…like a lot of cleverly written TV shows TERRIERS got axed. It was screened on FX in the US (it might end up on Foxtel here at some ungodly hour) and was marketed poorly from the start. FX had two debut crime dramas last year, TERRIERS and JUSTIFIED (modern-day western, set in Kentucky, based on an Elmore Leonard novella, starring Timothy Olyphant from DEADWOOD). While I enjoyed JUSTIFIED if I had to choose between the two shows I would have definitely chosen TERRIERS. It’s disappointing that FX didn’t wait to see what happened with the DVD sales of the show because a lot of shows these days have built an audience from the DVD (THE WIRE is one example). And unfortunately once the plug is pulled you can’t put the water back in! But you can check the show out on DVD when it is released and it is well worth it!!

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