Adrian McKinty’s FALLING GLASS

If you have never read Adrian McKinty before this is the book to start with. McKinty is an Irish crime writer who has lived in Northern Ireland, New York, Colorado and now lives in Melbourne (so technically he is now an Australian crime writer!). I discovered him about 12 months after his first crime novel came out, DEAD I WELL MAY BE. It is a cracker of a book and is the first it what became the Michael Forsythe trilogy. You don’t have to have read the trilogy to read FALLING GLASS but if you have Forsythe plays a bit part in the new book.

McKinty is a born storyteller (as it seems every Irish is) and of course has a wicked sense of humour. But what I love about McKinty’s books is the way he writes action. The pace of the book literally explodes and you cannot turn the pages fast enough to keep up. I think McKinty has taken his action scenes to a new level in FALLING GLASS as he gives you the point-of-view of two opposing characters in some of the scenes.

FALLING GLASS is a sweeping thriller. Primarily set in Northern Ireland the action takes us to America. Hong Kong and Chechnya. Killian is an ex-hard man both for Irish crime organizations in New York and back home in Northern Ireland. With the end of The Troubles he saw an opportunity to go straight but the financial crisis has hit him hard and he must go back to his old life to earn enough money to pay off his debts and failed property investments.

Killian tries to ease himself back into ‘the life’ and takes a case where a rich, ‘connected’ businessman wants him to track down his ex-wife who has run off with his kids. The case seems so simple Killian doesn’t bother taking a gun. Big mistake. Killian soon finds he has competition for the job, an ex-Russian Special Forces nutcase whose mission seem vastly different to that Killian signed up for. Very quickly it becomes not only a race to see who finds the woman and kids first but what will happen to them when they are found.

This is one of McKinty’s best books and the ending is sheer genius!

You see my video review here

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