Book Busking is back!

Book Busking is back in 2011. We raised almost $3000 last year for The Indigenous Literacy Foundation and had a lot of fun too. Join us again this year as we try to raise more money for this very worthy cause.

Can you imagine a world without books or reading?

For many remote indigenous communities this is an unfortunate reality. The Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) is an initiative and charity of The Australian Book Industry drawing on its diverse range of expertise, skills and resources. It works with the support of the Australian Booksellers Association, Australian Publishers Association and the Australian Society of Authors. The foundation’s core aim is to raise literacy levels and awareness of literacy issues within the Australian community.

To help raise money for this very worthy cause Pages & Pages is holding Book Busking on

National Bookshop Day—Saturday August 20th

Indigenous Literacy Day- Wednesday September 7th

Book a 15-minute slot at Pages & Pages (ph 02 9969-9736) to sit outside the front of our store and read aloud from your favourite book. Get your friends and family to sponsor you and the money you raise Book Busking will go to  the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

Use your love of reading to help others discover the same pleasure

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