National Bookshop Day – Saturday August 20

National Bookshop Day is a celebration of Australian bookshops and will highlight the important role bookshops play in local communities as well as Australian literature and culture.

Bookshops all around Australia will be a part of National Bookshop Day with special events planned in every bookshop.

Pages & Pages will be holding Book Busking on National Bookshop Day to raise money and awareness for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

You can be a part of Book Busking by booking a 15-minute time slot to sit outside the front of our bookshop and read aloud from your favourite book.

Or simply come along on the day and support the Book Buskers who include authors, publishers and of course our wonderful customers.

All the money raised will go to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

Use your love of reading to help others discover the same pleasure…and visit your local bookshop on August 20!

To keep up to date with everything that is happening on National Bookshop Day follow on twitter or like the facebook page

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