Screw Kindle, We’ll be selling our own Colour eReader, but what should we call it?

Pages & Pages have signed up with ReadCloud and will be selling eBooks before Christmas. Not only will ReadCloud provide us with an  exciting and innovative software for reading eBooks on the iPad, iPhone, Android Tablets, Android SmartPhones, PCs and Macs  but we also have the opportunity to sell our own colour eReader. This is fantastic because it means we can compete against other eBook retailers not just on content but on device. This is doubly important following the announcement that the Woolworths Group (which includes the supermarkets, Big W and Dick Smith) will be selling Amazon’s Kindle from August 29.

So the next question is what should our eReader be called? It won’t be exclusive to Pages & Pages and will include other independent bookshops who have signed up with ReadCloud. It could be a play on the work ‘book’ like Kobo or Barnes & Nobel’s Nook. There is even a device called from Pan Digital called the Novel.

Some ideas that I’ve come up with are:

The IndiEreader

The OzEreader

The ReadClouder

Or it could be named after cloud types:

The Cumulus Reader

The Stratus Reader

The Cirrus Reader

or The Nimbus Reader

I’m sure you can do better, what’s your idea for an eReader name?

19 thoughts on “Screw Kindle, We’ll be selling our own Colour eReader, but what should we call it?

  1. Other ideas via Twitter today:

    Silver Lining

    Liberty Reader

    Clear Reader

    Page Tablet, AusReader, MosReader, RealReader, PageReader, AusReader 9000-X, OpenReader, MyPager, CloudReader, EasyReader, PagePad

    Page Turner


    The Nimble

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