It’s Movember time again!

Last year I did Movember for the first time and enjoyed it so much I’m doing it again. You can check out my Mo’s progress last year below

Movember is all about raising awareness for Men’s Health Issues, something us blokes are not generally good at. Unlike other charity movements Movember does not involve a badge, ribbon or costume but growing a moustache which is actually really fun. It is also like a club because everyone who does Movember must start the month clean shaven so you are not alone in those first awkward, fuzzy, whiskery few days.

I wanted to grow a book inspired Mo last year but interestingly enough there aren’t many memorable book characters with facial hair. The rules are pretty strict for Movember as well. It has to be a moustache and not a beard so the furry upper lip and the sideburns must not join nor can the Mo complete a circle around the chin. But if you have any suggestions let me know.

Instead of a book last year I went with a TV Show, Deadwood, and a Seth Bullock inspired Mo. This year I’m thinking Britt from Terriers. You probably haven’t heard of the show. It was one of those excellent TV dramas that gets cancelled after one season (read my review here).

Last year I received $1000 in donations which was unbelievable. I only hope I can help raise half that this year by once again growing a Mo.

If you would like to support me please donate at





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