I can’t believe I thought I was getting tired of Jack Taylor novels. The last two books, THE DEVIL and this book, have both been absolute crackers. I’d go far as to say that I think this new book is the best Jack Taylor since THE GUARDS. (see All Things Ken Bruen)

Through the Jack Taylor series we’ve seen the rise and fall of the Celtic Tiger and maybe that’s why I rate this book as one of the best Jack Taylor books, Ireland is as dark and broody for everyone now, not just Jack.

Jack has his hands full in this book (pardon the pun that you won’t get until you read the book). Jack’s nemesis, Father Malachy, is bashed and left for dead by some psychopathic youths, the swan killer makes a reappearance and The Catholic Church hire Jack to do some of their dirty work. Meanwhile Jack still manages to burn a few friendships and drink more than his share of Jamieson along the way. Par for the course when you’re in Jack Taylor territory.

I am well and truly back on the Jack Taylor bandwagon. If you are a fan of crime fiction and like a dash of the dark and broody do yourself a massive favour and grab a copy of THE GUARDS. I can almost guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. Me, I’m going to track down a copy of the TV series of THE GUARDS, hope it’s good and maybe get the guts to watch the movie of BLITZ even though they appear to have turned a Bruen novel into an action movie….

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