Independent Bookshops Fight Back – Pages & Pages Booksellers launches eBook store

We have just launched our own eBook website using the innovative ReadCloud platform,

ReadCloud have developed the world’s first social eReading software and our new eBook website takes advantage of their ground-breaking work. The ReadCloud software allows you to create ‘clouds’ for your books where you can invite friends to read books with you. Perfect for book clubs and reading groups.

Our eBook store will offer a range of titles from publishers including Harper Collins, Murdoch Books, Text Publishing, John Wiley, Scribe, UQP, Black Inc and SPUNC with more publishers coming on board. Readers can download eBook purchases to their computer and read using ReadCloud’s software or transfer to their own eReader via Adobe Digital Editions. They can also use the ReadCloud App available for iPad/iPhone free through iTunes and for Android devices for free from the Android Marketplace.

Pages & Pages is committed to offering its customers any book they want, in any format they want.

Along with our online eBook Store, we will have an in store kiosk that will allow readers to browse available eBooks and also be shown by staff how they can download an eBook. We will also be utilizing QR codes so that readers can scan shelftalkers and newsletter reviews to instantaneously purchase the eBook. AND we will also be selling our own colour eReader, The Cumulus (click here for device specifics).

Pages & Pages has always strived to offer the best possible customer service and we will be doing the same with eBooks. Not only will our customers be able to download eBooks online and on the move but they can also browse and purchase eBooks in store and get the same service and advice as they would with a printed book purchase.

The growth of eBooks has been massive over the last two years. EBooks account for approximately 15% of book sales in the US but for some titles and authors their eBook sales account for over 50% of their total book sales. This growth has not been driven by younger, tech savvy readers but by baby boomers who are the great early adopters. And the sales have not been in the education sector like most pundits thought but in romance, thrillers and other fiction genres. The UK market has also seen rapid growth in eBooks and they are now seeing similar numbers to the US. Australian stands on the cusp of this explosion. EBooks account for 5% of book sales at the moment and should hit the same heights as overseas markets within the next 12 months.
The retail landscape has changed dramatically in the last two years. The publishing landscape will change even more. In the new global retail marketplace the key for Australian booksellers and Australian publishers is local content. Access to and knowledge about Australian authors and Australian books are the advantages that Australian booksellers have over Amazon & Co, and they enable the local publishing industry to remain viable. To remain relevant to book lovers, bookshops must be able to offer a full range of books in a full range of formats. It is vital not only for Australian consumers but also Australian publishers and Australian authors that Australian bookshops are part of this evolution in book buying and book reading. Readers will not be print readers only or eBook buyers only. They will do a combination of both and they will want a bookshop that can supply both print books and eBooks.

Download Press Release Here

For media enquiries please contact Jon Page

General Manager, Pages & Pages Booksellers

& President, Australian Booksellers Association

P: 02 9969 9736 M: 0422 883 529

E: Tw: @PnPBookseller

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