I’m a big Jamie Oliver fan but the least used of his cookbooks for me are generally his travel ones, the exception being the brilliant Jamie Does… probably because it covers 6 countries. My most used is the truly excellent Jamie’s Ministry of Food followed closely by the mega-bestselling Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals.

I was a little unsure of what to expect with Jamie’s Great Britain. On my first look through the book it all looked a bit too traditional British fare, which is not the kind of food I like. However once the accompanying TV series started I realized there might be a bit more worth exploring.

The series is fascinating because Jamie travels through different regions of Britain and looks and what migration has influenced each area. He then looks at what is considered the classic British food of that region and shows how immigrants over time have shaped it.

The first recipes I dived into was Empire Chicken with Bombay potatoes and Indian Gravy. It is a cross between a roast chicken and a chicken curry. You marinate the whole chicken in an yoghurt paste and roast in the oven with your beautifully Indian seasoned potates. Under your chicken is your gravy which is also full of beautiful Indian spices. Unfortunately my gravy completely dried out butt he chicken and potatoes were delicious. I think I’ll try more stock for the gravy next time.

I’ve got a list of other recipes to try including a Mighty Mulligatawny, a Beef & Beer Pie, Creamy Crunchy Leeks (I LOVE leeks) and the Retro Arctic Roll. Yum!!

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