Book reviews on 702 ABC Sydney – Mornings with Linda Mottram

I am very excited to announce that I am now regularly reviewing books every Tuesday at 10:45am on Mornings with Linda Mottram on 702 ABC Sydney. My first segment was today.

If you missed it click on the link below to read a couple of short reviews of the books or download an audio file of my chat with Linda.

And tune in next week!!

Book review – Jon Page – ABC New South Wales – Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

The books I discussed this week were:

Waiting For Sunrise by William Boyd &

What It Is Like To Go To War by Karl Marlantes

You can check out all the books discussed on ABC 702 Sydney Mornings with Linda Mottram here:

14 thoughts on “Book reviews on 702 ABC Sydney – Mornings with Linda Mottram

  1. Hi,
    I was driving my car this morning (28th May) and heard you review a book – I had no paper, no pen and no red light to tap into my iphone –but it had in the title Antarctica/Atlantic? You described a great starting scene of flying a plane, and 3 stories that joined, and that if you highlighted your favourite passages, you would highlight the whole book. (Ring a bell?) I’m very bad at multitasking, so getting excited about an author and driving is a sensory overload for me, and in fear of me fellow drivers, I missed the important bits, the Authors name, and book title. But, I was very excited by all the other details. . .

  2. Dear Linda
    I heard you review a book, a new publication, set in Texas. I have forgotten the author’s name. It is a large book. I think it may have been during writers week in May.Can you help?

  3. Dear Linda,

    While Tracey Holmes was filling in for you on the Thursday 3rd July, 2013 she had Jon Page on reviewing a book, she said Stan had also read the book and enjoyed. I would like to know the title if possible.

  4. Dear Jon,
    I listened to your review on 702, last week 13th of August and wondered if you could
    let me know the names and authors your reviewed…..I would like to track down
    one of the books but didn’t write down the name,
    Many Thanks


  5. Can you tell me the details for the book review today? 10th sept. I tuned in a bit late and missed the important info! Thanks

  6. You reviewed a book a while ago-it was about the habit of upward inflection when speaking. Very few details I know, but do you know the title of the book. The author was actually interviewed. Thank you!

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