Reviving the Australian classic

“The mark of the classic is that it keeps talking to us even if it says different things to successive generations”

Jennifer Byrne in the introduction to My Brilliant Career by Miles Franklin reissued by Text Publishing, 2012

Text Publishing have republished 30 Australian classics in a bid to keep them in print, because sadly around 20 past winners of the Miles Franklin Award are no longer in print. You can view the full list here or download the eBooks here.

Have a listen to my chat with Linda Mottram on 702 ABC Sydney…

Reviving the Australian classic – ABC New South Wales – Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

What is your favourite Australian novel? Mine is The White Earth by Andrew McGahan

…then check out this fabulous trailer.

One thought on “Reviving the Australian classic

  1. Thanks for the heads up regarding this release. We just bought the entire set for school. A couple may need to be culled from the shelves for the sake of innocent teenagers, but there are many that I am looking forward to reading.

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