The Joy of Bookshops: National Bookshop Day – Saturday August 11

National Bookshop Day is back in 2012. This year we will celebrate Australian bookshops on Saturday August 11. National Bookshop Day highlights the important role bookshops play in their local communities as well as literature and culture.

Bookshops are not going away. They offer a unique and valuable experience for readers, authors and publishers alike. It doesn’t matter if the book being sold is a hardback, a paperback, an audio CD or an eBook. It doesn’t matter if the book is being bought across a counter or across the internet the role a bookshop plays is and will always remain a vital one and a relevant one long into the future.

The internet makes it easier for everyone to find what they are looking for but what a boring place the world would be and how uninteresting our lives would be if we only ever found what we were looking for. As much as I enjoy reading the next book from one of my favourite authors there is nothing quite like that feeling of reading a book you found from left field through a recommendation or the serendipity of finding it on a shelf. And while these things are not the sole domain of bookshops, the bookshop and the booksellers within it are the conduits for a lot of this activity. Bookshops do this in store with a myriad of displays, reviews and conversations and they do it online through websites, blogs and social media. There is no algorithm to what a bookshop does, there is no co-op paid to display or find books in good bookshops. There is only passion and a love for books and reading that drives what bookshops do everyday.

At Pages & Pages we will be celebrating National Bookshop Day with a heap of authors working behind the counter including Peter FitzSimons, Kate Forsyth, Duncan Ball, ABC newsreader Scott Bevan and Prime Minister’s Literary Award Winner Frances Watts .

Come in and have a chat and a browse.

$1 from every authors’ book sold on the day will go to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

You can view the roster of authors here and make sure to support you local bookshop on August 11!

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