Suzanne Collins’ CATCHING FIRE

So after not reading for 4 years I’ve gone back-to-back with the first two books in The Hunger Games trilogy. It was interesting to read an interview at the end of The Hunger Games with Suzanne Collins that she originally intended it to be one book but she knew when she got to the end that not only would The Capitol not leave Katniss alone after what she had done at then end of the book but Suzanne herself couldn’t leave the story and Katniss alone either.

With the first book the world building was limited to District 12, The Capitol and The Hunger Games itself but in Catching Fire we start to see more of the Districts and the relationship they all have with The Capitol and how The Capitol exercises it’s control over them. Where The Hunger Games looked at media and its power both self-serving and sub-serving, Catching Fire is more about how to subvert and resist power and how all hope needs is a spark and a symbol.

I’m really amazed how Collins has written such an action-packed, plot-driven series but at the same time has a story that is multi-layered and relevant not only to the world now but also the teen readers this book is primarily written for. I wish I had a series like this when I was 14!

SBN: 9781407138336
ISBN-10: 1407138332
Classification: General fiction (Children’s / Teenage)
Format: Paperback (198mm x 131mm x 29mm)
Pages: 448
Imprint: Scholastic
Publisher: Scholastic
Publish Date: 8-Oct-2013
Country of Publication: United Kingdom

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