I was originally going to wait to review this until the story cycle was complete but have changed my mind after reading John Birmingham’s first instalment of his new serial Stalin’s Hammer: Rome and realized that even though these are serial novels they deserve individual reviewing. Wool was also originally published this way before an omnibus edition was made.  Plus my memory is fresher if I review now!

If you’ve already read Wool you’re not going to need much convincing to read this. If you haven’t I will try to avoid any spoilers. You can read this without reading Wool but from what I understand this will catch up to Wool in later instalments. I also think the story has more impact if you have read Wool plus this kind of spoils some of what it teased out in that book. So my best advice is to go and read Wool and then come back.

First Shift: Legacy is a new silo story set before the events of Wool take place. It is the origin story of the silos. Both in their construction and habitation as well as the first uprising. The story alternates between 2049 and 2110. In 2049 we follow a newly elected congressman Donald Keene who is involved in the plans for part of the silo complex. This is alternated with Troy’s story in 2110 who has just been woken from some kind of hibernation to begin his 6 month shift in charge of Silo 1.

First Shift: Legacy is as mind-blowing as Wool. Maybe more so and leaves you craving more.

ISBN: 9781475154771
ISBN-10: 1475154771
Classification: Science fiction
Format: Paperback / softback (203mm x 127mm x 14mm)
Pages: 238
Imprint: Createspace
Publisher: Createspace
Publish Date: 5-Apr-2012
Country of Publication: United States

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