It’s Mo Growing Time!

It’s November which means it is Mo growing time again. This will be the third year I’ve done Movember. I really enjoy how much of a conversation starter Movember is. Rather than a badge, item of clothing or colour Movember is a work in progress for the whole month and believe me it gets noticed, especially when you have to chair ABA board meetings…

Movember is also a great cause. My family has a history of prostate cancer and depression can hit anyone. One of the biggest problems with Men’s health issues is that we don’t talk about it and always have an excuse not to see a doctor (I am especially guilty on that one).

So blokes don’t think twice about whether not a Mo will suit you, that’s not the point. Grow a Mo and get the conversation started.

And  those who can’t grow a Mo (or really, really don’t want to) support the Movember Mo Growers, give money if you can and make sure they put their furry lip where their mouth is and are staying on top of their own health too.

I still can’t find any literary Mo’s to inspire me this year. Seriously what is it about book characters and authors that it’s either beards or nothing? So instead I’m going to take inspiration from the first president of the Australian Booksellers Association:

Donate and follow my Movember efforts here

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