9781448151653-largeThis is the final eBook in the Shift trilogy and brings us up to where Wool left off. Second Shift ended on a wicked cliff hanger, the repercussions of which will change everything. Donald Keene has been the common thread through each shift and as he is woken for his third shift in Silo 1 the elusive and shocking truth he has been seeking is almost within his grasp.

The other part of the story is the origins of Solo and how he came to be all alone. Wool showed us what happens when a silo starts to break down but with Solo we see how a whole society in a silo collapses.

That’s as much as I can giveaway with spoiling everything. Shift will be published as a one volume Trade Paperback in April and the series with conclude with Dust at the end of the year. Howey has married up the stories of Wool and Shift perfectly. The wool is well and truly lifted from our eyes but what this means for the survivors in the Silos is far from clear and I cannot wait to find out.

Hugh Howey will also be visiting Australia in April!

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