Duane Swierczynski’s POINT & SHOOT

Dimageuane Swierczynski is known for his crazy storylines but even by his standards the latest Charlie Hardie thriller is pretty nuts, in a good way of course.

We were left hanging at the end of Hell & Gone. Not only did Charlie Hardie make the unthinkable deal with the bad guys but he was also blasted into outer space, literally. Added to this cliff hanger was the fact that this book was delayed 12 months. Swierczynski originally planned the Charlie Hardie trilogy to come out over the course of twelve months. However Duane’s talent as a writer was in such high demand from comics and television that poor old Charlie got put on the back burner, in a satellite orbiting Earth as it turns out.

Which is where we find him at the start of the novel. He is guarding something of high importance and where better to hide than in outer space. Charlie has been guarding whatever it is for 9 months. In 3 months time he’ll be able to return to his family, although he is not real sure that is really going to happen. Then the unthinkable happens. Someone tries to break into Charlie’s satellite to steal what he is guarding, someone who is the spitting image of Charlie Hardie.

The race is now on to save Charlie’s family. The showdown is epic, insane and brutal. And with two Charlie Hardies to deal with who can possibly stop him/them!

ISBN: 9781444707601
ISBN-10: 1444707604
Classification: Thriller / suspense
Format: Paperback (20mm x 130mm x 197mm)
Pages: 304
Imprint: Mulholland Books
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton General Division
Publish Date: 25-Apr-2013
Country of Publication: United Kingdom

Read my interview with Duane Swiercynzki

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