Ken Bruen’s MERRICK

9781624670831I‘ve always thought Ken Bruen was made for eBooks. His prose and structure is very, well not poetic but poem like, and his novels are often short, sharp and furious. I got an advance of his latest novel as an eBook so got to read him digitally for the first time. And yes Bruen is made for the digital form. (That is despite the eBook proof I had being a PDF and a badly formatted one at that.)

Bruen’s latest novel pits two ex-cops against a sadistic child killer. Tommy Ryan is an ex-Gaurda looking for a new start in New York City. He’s left behind his wife and a trail of corruption. When he meets Merrick he becomes embroiled in a serial killer’s game of cat and mouse where it doesn’t matter who the cat or mouse is people are going to get hurt.

Full of Bruen’s trademark humour and references this may not be Ken Bruen at his best but it is still Ken Bruen.

buythebookISBN: 9781624670831
Format: Paperback
Publishing status: Not Yet Published
Price: $24.95
Publication date: 29/10/2013

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