Chuck Wendig’s MOCKINGBIRD

9780857662330I absolutely loved Chuck Wendig’s Blackbirds but for some reason didn’t pick up the next book in the series. With book three due for release in December and November being my window to catch up on non-new release reading it was definitely time to revisit Miriam Black.

What I loved most about Blackbirds was the way it combined and subverted multiple genres. And Wendig does this again this time playing on the horror genre and what readers expect from sequels.

Miriam is still trying to come to terms with her gift. She has been trying to lead a quiet normal life but she is too messed up for that to last. Miriam has learnt that she does have some power over her gift but one death must be replaced with another and that has a profound change on Miriam that is still working its way fully through her.

When Miriam discovers a killer preying on girls at a private GIrls’ school she know what she must do to change the girls’ fates. But Miriam is not the only one messing in fate and destiny and the truth of who she is might be the scariest monster of all.

Fun, clever and razor sharp this will creep you out and entertain you in equal portions and I am definitely ready for book three.

ISBN: 9780857662330
ISBN-10: 0857662333
Classification: Fantasy , Crime & mystery
Format: Paperback / softback (176mm x 110mm x 37mm)
Pages: 392
Imprint: Angry Robot
Publisher: Angry Robot
Publish Date: 28-Aug-2012
Country of Publication: United Kingdom

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