Kindle Amnesty 2.0 – Upgraded and expanded

kindleamnestyIn April this year  Pages & Pages Booksellers declared a Kindle Amnesty where customers were invited on the 3rd Saturday of each month to exchange their Amazon Kindle for a BeBook Touch and a $50 gift voucher. Pages & Pages is delighted to announce that their Kindle Amnesty, which received worldwide attention, has now been upgraded and expanded.

Kobo_LogoPages & Pages has partnered with global eBook retailer Kobo to provide eBooks to their customers. Kobo is the true bookseller’s choice when it comes to eBooks being the official partner of the US, NZ and Australian Booksellers Associations. Pages & Pages will be stocking Kobo’s wide range of eReading devices which not only rival The Kindle but surpass it. Including the Kobo Aura HD, the only premium eReader on the market.

N204-KBO-B“Designed for the discerning reader, Kobo Aura HD offers a completely immersive reading experience and the most paper-like E Ink display. Get lost in your favourite eBooks thanks to Kobo Aura HD’s advanced, high-resolution, extra-large screen and elegant, inspired design. For readers who want the best, Kobo Aura HD is your eReader of choice.”

Pages & Pages’ Kindle Amnesty will now be available anytime, any day of the week. Kindle owners are invited to bring in their Kindles to Pages & Pages in Mosman and purchase a Kobo eReader. In exchange for their Amazon device they will receive a $50 Kobo Gift Voucher to spend on eBooks.

I have long admired what Kobo has been doing with eBooks and eReaders and am a big supporter of their “read freely” philosophy. I watched with great envy as Kobo partnered with other bookseller associations around the world. And am extremely excited that the Australian Booksellers Association is now entering into a partnership with Kobo. We signed up straight away. Kobo was born out of Canadian bookseller Indigo and is now the true bookseller’s choice when come to eBooks and eReaders.

Our Kindle Amnesty had a fantastic reception when we first launched it. It helped to spread the word that the Kindle is an Amazon product that locks people into Amazon and there are alternative eReading devices. What Amazon are doing with eBooks affects readers and bookshops all over the world.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to sway some Kindle owners. However our new partnership with Kobo means we can now offer the exact same experience Amazon offers and with the Aura HD we can also offer a superior eReader.

For more information about Pages & Pages’ Kindle Amnesty contact me at


Amazon has over 65% of the eBook market in Australia and over 75% of eReaders owned in Australia are Kindles. But most Australian readers don’t know that The Kindle locks them into buying from Amazon only. Amazon limits readers’ choices and walls them into their garden. But you don’t have to be.

Pages & Pages Booksellers, one of Sydney’s leading independent bookshops, also sells eBooks and eReaders. We also:

  • support local schools
  • pay taxes in Australia
  • employ local people
  • give MosmanVillage character
  • respect readers privacy

None of which Amazon does.

Kindle has become the default term for an eReader but most readers don’t understand that it is an Amazon product and there are other, better, reading devices on the market.

Pages & Pages is no longer sitting passively by while Amazon steals our customers and steals their reading choices. Through this campaign we want people to understand what Amazon is doing and make an informed choice to have choice.

The eBook is not a threat to physical bookshops. This new format presents bookshops and readers with many wonderful opportunities to sell and read more books. What does threaten bookshops is a company who engages in uncompetitive behaviour, pays no tax in Australia and misleads readers with restrictive devices and fake book reviews.

12 thoughts on “Kindle Amnesty 2.0 – Upgraded and expanded

  1. So, just to be clear, the Aura HD is the one you can swap e.g. your Paperwhite for? Your article is not a 100% clear on it, as it says 1) you can swap your Kindle in for a Kobo reader, and 2) that the range includes the Aura HD. I do not see that as being clear.

    For one the BeBook Touch is clearly inferior to my Paperwhite, but I might be willing to at least check out the Aura HD if that was the case.

    Going with that, does the swap program also include the Sleep Cover? I.e. is the program like for like? I wouldn’t have any use for my Paperwhite’s premium leather cover if I was to trade it in, and their prices appear roughly the same.

    1. If you purchase any Kobo Reader and hand in any Kindle you will get a $50 Kobo Gift Card.

      Yes, the BeBook Touch is not as good as the Paperwhite but the Aura HD is superior.

      Any accessories cost extra

  2. Hi, not sure I understand completely – your last comment implies that I have to purchase a Kobo reader and only receive a $50 Kobo card for my Kindle? Is this correct?

  3. It’s very misleading, and when you look at it, not a particularly good deal. You have to buy a new reader and only receive $50 trade-in for your Kindle. I really don’t see any benefit at all, only extra cost.

      1. As with William, my thoughts go along these lines – breaking the article down:
        1) Previously you could exchange the Amazon Kindle for a BeBook Touch and a $50 gift voucher.
        2) Now the program has been “upgraded and expanded”.
        3) The story mentions that the range includes the Aura HD, but doesn’t actually specify what upgraded & expanded means.
        4) ??
        5) It turns out that the program has actually been reduced to just the $50 gift card. No more base model BeBook.

        My 3G Paperwhite with cover is worth something like $250, and I have easily twice that in books in the Kindle library. I also fail to see the value in trading it in for a $50 voucher with which to buy books when also having to buy an Aura HD. Maybe if I had one of my first Kindles lying around it could have some value, but it doesn’t work at all as an effort to get up to date Kindle users to come over.

        I think it’s more of a communications issue than anything.


      2. Our previous Kindle Amnesty was every third Saturday and was with the BeBook Touch. There was never any exchange offered. A new reader had to be purchased.
        Our new amnesty is now every day (expanded) and with a far superior eReading device, the Kobo Aura HD (upgraded).
        The program has not been reduced as the previous gift voucher could not purchase eBooks where as the Kobo Gift card can.

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