Ben Aaronovitch’s FOXGLOVE SUMMER

9781473208971After the cliffhanger ending to Broken Homes Ben Aaronovitch changes things up for the next book and takes us away from London and its history and magic to the countryside, which it turns out is of course an even richer source of history and magic.

Peter Grant is still trying to come to the terms with the betrayal he experienced at the end of Broken Homes. When two children go missing in rural Herefordshire Nightingale sends Peter on an errand to interview some former practitioners just to make sure none of them are involved. Peter, needing a distraction, jumps at the task and when there doesn’t appear to be any leads volunteers to help with the case.

The two eleven year old girls have been missing four days and the local police have no leads. They are so desperate they ask Peter to go over the case to see if he can find anything “supernatural”. What Peter discovers is almost unbelievable, even for an apprentice wizard. Peter discovers that the boundaries between our world and the magical world are far more porous out here than in London which also means far more dangerous. Peter must find the missing children, work out what is at play and keep himself in one piece all while trying to navigate two foreign environments; the countryside and what maybe some kind of fairy land.

Aaronovitch takes the series to another level in this book. The fact that he leaves the cliffhanger still hovering on a precipice is inconsequential because he opens up a whole other realm of the magical world for Peter to get his head around. We do get some answers to some other burning questions, in particular Ettersburg and some sexual tension that has been building up finally snaps.

I have binged on this series this year and don’t know what I’m going to do while I await the next installment in this brilliant series. Probably just pester as many people as I can to read the books too!

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ISBN: 9781473208971
ISBN-10: 1473208971
Classification: Fantasy
Format: Paperback (179mm x 116mm x 27mm)
Pages: 384
Imprint: Gollancz
Publisher: Orion Publishing Co
Publish Date: 8-Jan-2015
Country of Publication: United Kingdom

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