My Year in Reading – 2015

Firstly if you want to know what my favourite reads of the year were they are all listed here…

Last year I started tracking my reading along author gender, format, genre and author nationality (you can see last year’s review here). Having the template all set up meant it was even easier this year. So here is my year in reading (with charts!):


I read 76 books in 2015, 1 more than last year (my reading completely died in December this year). In 2014 22% of my reading was by female author which was a decrease on 2013. In 2015 I got this up to almost 35%. Still away to go for 50/50 balance.

image (1)

My reading formats are neatly spread 50/50 between reading and listening. I have a long drive everyday to and from work so audiobooks are a big part of my reading life. I also find it as a way to catch up on backlist in particular crime series I have missed. Ebooks definitely dropped off for me in the second half of 2015 and I expect and bigger drop off in 2016. Print is just better (in my opinion).

image (2)

My reading is still dominated by fiction. I read less Sci Fi and Crime in 2015 replacing it mainly with (for want of a better term for the genre) Literary Fiction and a bit more non-fiction.

image (3)

The majority of my reading in 2015 was from American authors however I did reduce this from 60% in 2014 down to 48%. However I replaced this with British authors which is up from 22% in 2014. My Australian reading dropped from 8% down to 5%. I have to admit I was not enamored with much Australian literary fiction in 2015 but my decline is probably more reflective of the lack of Australian crime and science fiction writing compared to what comes out of the UK and US.

Can’t wait to see where my 2016 reading takes me. I am really going to have to try and get more local fare in my reading diet

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