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Buy Now from Kobo

Kobo is the true bookseller’s choice when it comes to eBooks being the official partner of the US, UK, NZ and Australian Booksellers Associations. Kobo has a 3.5 million+ eBook catalogue that includes EVERY eBook available in Australia and around the world. It gives the option to preview eBooks before purchase and an easy one-click purchasing process. Kobo has reading apps for all tablets and smartphones which seamlessly sync eBooks across each device. And Kobo’s wide range of eReader devices not only rival The Kindle but, I believe, surpass it especially The Kobo Aura HD which is the only premium eReader on the market.

“Designed for the discerning reader, Kobo Aura HD offers a completely immersive reading experience and the most paper-like E Ink display. Get lost in your favourite eBooks thanks to Kobo Aura HD’s advanced, high-resolution, extra-large screen and elegant, inspired design. For readers who want the best, Kobo Aura HD is your eReader of choice.”

Pages & Pages will also be offering their world-famous Kindle Amnesty with the Kobo Readers. Trade in a Kindle and purchase a full priced Kobo Reader and you will get a $50 Kobo voucher.

Buy Now from Kobo

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