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High School Diploma Template

Graduating high school is one moment that every student wishes to cherish forever. That one piece of evidence that tells others that you have successfully completed your high school is the high school diploma templates.

In general, educational institutions follow standard templates that include their logo, name, and certificate of completion with signatures and seal. However, some prefer to create their diploma differently to stand unique in the crowd.

For you to get a ticket to the next phase of life which is your college or job, you need to carry your high school diploma for the interview. Having said the significance of the diploma, it is important to also remind you about the instance when you may misplace your diploma and lookout for a solution at the eleventh hour.

It is definitely a frustrating moment but we have a solution to address this instance. We have a range of handpicked high school diploma templates that you can use for that moment.

Though our fake templates look professional and printable, they cannot be treated as a permanent solution. This post lists the best templates in town that look credible and professional and you can blindly use them when in need.

Homeschool high school diploma templates

It is a headache when you have enrolled under the homeschool curriculum as your parents (administrators) are expected to create the diploma completion certificate for you for free. At times, the board with which you have enrolled provides the essential materials. In most of the cases, it is the administrator who has to take the liability to create a professional certificate.

High School Diploma Template High School Diploma Template High School Diploma Template High School Diploma Template Diploma Template Diploma Template

The advantage with a homeschool diploma is that even if you lose it, you don’t have to visit the school back and then apply for a new copy and request a signature of the office once again. You can just walk to your parents who are the administrators of your homeschool and request them to provide a new signed copy. Alternatively for the college one, you can use fake transcripts if you are in a hurry and have no option to get the real one soon.

The free templates listed in this section look professional and can be customized based on your needs.

Tip – In the diploma, you should never forget to maintain the state laws under which you have followed the homeschooling pattern. This clarity is essential for the authorities to test your skills accordingly.

High school diploma templates with seal for free

It is a standard practice by several prestigious institutions to include a seal or a hologram at the bottom of the diplomas. There are several advantages when your certificate includes a seal.

  • The hologram includes the name of the institution (with the year of establishment, optional) and this indicates the credibility of the certificate.
  • Including a seal at the book indirectly recommends the competency of the candidate to others.
  • Having a seal at the bottom of the certificate gives a prestigious look which a regular signature fails to provide.

Do you want to know how such templates will look like? Here are a few templates for your reference.

Diploma Template Diploma Template Diploma Template Diploma Template Diploma Template

What if you do not have a college seal handy? You can insert the logo of the institution at the center of the header or footer area in the certificate. This can promote the chances of winning an opportunity for free.

High school achievement certificate – Diploma Templates

It is quite common to find out fake diploma certificates and customize as per your needs. Consequently, it is not easy to find out the achievement diplomas easily as you are not aware of the format.

In this section, we shall list the best templates that are exclusively meant to showcase your achievement in a specific subject or academic attendance.

If you would like to create an education college Diploma Templates on your own, here are the steps to follow to generate their design and download them.

  • Include the logo and name of the institution on the top of the design of the diplomas.
  • Under the content part, include the statement as –

This certificate is awarded to ___ for extraordinary performance in the subject of ___ during the academic year 20__ – 20__.

  • Similar to the regular certificates that need signatures at the footer, you may have to add 1 or 2 signatures at the bottom along with their designations.

Free Printable high school diploma certificates – Diploma Template design

By now, we have come across different diploma certificate patterns to download. How many of them do you think are ready to print? Perhaps, all our templates are printable but not all the templates on the internet are ready to print. So, how do you find out the difference? Here are a few insights exclusively meant for you.

free high school diplomas free high school diplomas high school diploma certificate template high school diploma certificate template

Size Of Diploma Templates Paper Design

In general, the template size is set to A4 format or a typical size of a letter. In recent times, diplomas have been created in the portrait format as well. The first thing that you should do when you choose a template is to identify the size. If it is in the standard format, you are good to go to the next aspect of the checklist.

Diploma Font

Not all fonts are legible and look professional as soon as they are printed in the form of certificates. Your diplomas have to include an official font like Arial Narrow, Arial Unicode MS, Garamond Italic, Bodoni MT, Gill Sans MT, Harrington, Old English, High Tower, and Berlin Sans FB. One of these font faces creates the desired look but the size of the font is a crucial aspect as well.

The size of the title font should be either 28 or 30 maximum and the rest of the fonts should be between 24 and 26. There has to be a difference of 4 in general. This will ensure sufficient spacing between the letters and the sentences.

Border in Diploma Template

Does your college certificate include a border? Before you print, check if there is equal whitespace outside the border. Even if the college diploma has printing errors, you have the option to cut the excess parts and create an even look.

Color in Diploma Template

Educational institutions prefer to use light colors in their paper templates. The color scheme stays in order and in line with the color of the logo. Alternatively, modern templates make use of attractive colors. The only mistake is that the colors do not match and create a weird look. The texts will have to be of the same color although the sizes may vary.

Online Printing checklist for Diploma Template

Once you have assessed the aforementioned criteria for your college education certificate, you need to use the following online checklist.

  • Find out if the ink of your printer does not leak. It is appropriate to make use of the LaserJet printer to print the certificate instead of an ordinary inkjet printer.
  • Your certificate should include a minimum of 0.5 inches as the margin so that it is printed within the margin.
  • Ensure that the paper quality is top-notch so it does not hamper the output.

Once you have the order and printed, let the inks dry and then you can use it. Avoid using manual seals as this can put your legitimacy at stake.

Printable Certificate of graduation templates – Download Diploma Template

Can you present a graduation university diplomas to your employer or any other authority as resources? Certainly! The online design of graduation looks the same as listed earlier.

Thinking to prepare a good fake one for you or for your students? Take a look at the samples below.

Diploma Template blank simple Diploma Template word images schools Diploma Template word

Advantages of a printable high school diploma design

Why should I spend so much of my time just to select the right template? Why do the efforts matter? Did these questions pop up in your mind?

Your diploma design decides your future. For you to get promoted in terms of opportunities, you need a piece of evidence that tells the authority that you have the necessary competency. Here are some more advantages.

  • Your salary increases if you have graduated from a high school for a diploma course. Isn’t this amazing?
  • Your employer might think of retaining you for a long time in the company because you have the desired skill.
  • You feel motivated to achieve more every time you see the templates.
  • High school diploma design gives a sense of pride to the owner as it is a sign of accomplishment and pushes you to focus on the next step.
  • You gain dignity in the society as people respect you for your accomplishment and your skills get acknowledged by everyone.

There are more rewards than those mentioned in this list. It is definitely worth spending your time and efforts to get those perfect diplomas that looks similar to the original and helps you at the last minute.

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Be it homeschool or a regular high school, all you need is a diploma to show your supervisor that you have a technical competence that the job needs. This post has included a number of templates and also listed the aspects of a fake template that should be kept in mind before printing it.

Remember not to experiment with your templates as it can question your credibility. Refer the original certificate on the internet before you work on the fake template as the originality will never be compromised when you do this comparison. If you do not have immediate access to the same, you can refer to the mark sheet you have and choose the color scheme accordingly. This can perhaps save your time and promote the accuracy of your fake templates.

Most importantly, your fake certificate never creates suspicion.